About us

Dear students and members of academia.

Slovakia adoption of a democratic political system, entering the international scene as a separate entity and country, which became part of the European Union needs a university-educated professionals to work in the state administration, public administration and local government.

Faculty of Public Policy and Public Administration offers to get a college education first and second degree in full-time and part-time study at the Danubius University.

Graduates Department "Public Policy and Public Administration" into the knowledge and skills for the implementation of national and regional policy and governance, as well as implement the laws and decisions to citizens' lives.
Graduates involved in developing concepts in public policy and public administration for regional as well as national needs in socio-economic, political, and social importance.

I wish you every success in your studies, but also the joy of acquired knowledge and their own creative fulfillment.

Doc. PhDr. et.Mgr. Peter Ondria, PhD., Dean of the faculty